Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Camino Ronda – From Cadaqués to Rosas

The Catalan coast that runs from the French border to just outside Barcelona is the Costa Brava, or ‘Wild/Ragged Coast’. The coast boasts excellent climate, rich fauna and beautiful beaches therefore it is an extremely popular tourist destination with Spanish and foreign people alike. It is due to this that tourism became the primary economic business and fishing that was the main source of living before, became secondary. Still, some of these villages managed to retain some of their charm and have not given in fully to the tourists.

Because of the geographic situation of the area, people used boats for travelling between the villages or simply walked. At the end all these little trails were connected together and Camino Ronda (GR-92) was born. The path runs along the whole Costa Brava and its length is about 220km. It is well marked and takes you to little coves and through countless perfect bays. On foot you also have the option to explore inland whenever you prefer and if it gets too hot you can stop for a dip in the crystal clear water for a dip.

We only did a small part of the Camino Ronda, the 22km stretch between Cadaqués and Rosas. It took us about 6.5 – 7 hours altogether. It was a very long walk, probably the longest of our lives. Instead of boring you with the details of all the 7 hours I will show you our experience in pictures.

We went there in the perfect time of the year as all the flowers were in bloom and the hills were covered with colourful patches. The walk was not flat, we went up and down many times and discovered perfect little hidden beaches one after the other. We caught the last warm rays of the sun on the beach of Rosas. As Paul said, every walk should finish on the beach. Couldn’t say it better. 

At the end of the long walk.

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