Thursday, 23 May 2013

Barcelona - Casa Vicens

We came upon this pretty house by accident, when we moved to the Grácia district in Barcelona. Paul showed it to me and we took some photos. Later I learnt that Casa Vicens is one of Gaudí’s first major projects.

It cannot be visited as it is a private house but for one day only during the whole year they open up the garden for ‘neighbours and citizens’ on the day of Santa Rita, on the 22nd of May. I was there bright and early to take photos.

Gaudí commissioned this building to Manuel Vicens who owned a brick and tile factory, and the outside of the house pays homage to his business. The building is characterised by rough bricks and tiles designed by Gaudí. It is asymmetrical and there are protruding towers from the top.

The house is fascinating to look at, it is so different to all the houses around it. My personal favourite bits are the three little angels sitting on the sides.

I personally think that they let the garden overgrow a bit so it is hard to take nice photos of it. Here are some of the details of the house.

There’s a little chapel at the end of the garden where people can pray to Santa Rita.

Some juicy gossip for the end. Apparently in 2007 they put the house up for sale for a staggering 27 million euros! Not sure who bought it. You can find it on C/Carloines, 24.

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