Monday, 27 May 2013

Barcelona – Parc del Turó del Putxet (Park series 2)

This park is a real hidden gem in the city, you cannot find it in the guide books. It doesn’t have statues from great architects or big lakes, it doesn’t even have tourist. What it does have is a view over Barcelona that is very hard to top.

We encountered this park by pure chance. We just wanted a place were we can do our morning runs preferably away from the cars. One evening we looked at the map and walked to the closest green bit but we weren’t impressed with it. The next morning Paul had a plan that included another green bit. It also included a LOT of uphill sections.

I was completely out of breath by the time we got to the entrance of the park and the actual workout was just about to start! I forgot all about it though, when I looked over to the end of the street. Unfortunately I picked a day when the morning was hazy but I hope I can show you something of the awe I felt.

Then we entered the park. It is a park like I’ve never seen before. As it is built on the side of the hill it is not horizontal but vertical and it has different levels. The levels are connected by a zigzag route and on each level something new awaits you. There’s a level that is full of benches so you can enjoy the view. There’s another one with a playground (if you can make the effort to go up that high for a playground), there’s one especially for dogs and on the top there’s a little parkland.

And the view from the top…. Simply breathtaking in the fresh morning sun. You get a 360 degrees view over Barcelona. It’s worth bringing a drink or a snack and staying for a few minutes to enjoy the vista.

On almost every level there’s a fountain to quench your thirst with.

They planted the park full of flowers that are in bloom at the moment. Paul said they have a lovely fresh smell.

We like it especially as there are no tourists at all, only people walking dogs or having a morning stroll. You don’t have to dodge anybody except over friendly puppies and it feels like the whole place is yours.

We usually finish our run at the bakery that is at the end of our street. We only buy fresh baguettes usually but there’s a little coffee corner where the locals have their ‘café and croissants’ breakfast.

We love our little secret park. It is a bit out of the way but if you’d like to visit it you can find it on Carrer de Manacor, in front of Carrer de Homer.

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