Friday, 4 October 2013

Asturias – Cudillero

Even though it’s not official in my opinion Cudillero is the prettiest Asturian village. It’s perfect, it’s unique and it’s unforgettable.

Cudillero is the capital of this municipality bearing the same name and it has its own dialect called ‘Pixueto’ and it boasts of Viking origins. The main business just only a few years ago was fishing and even today there are many fishing ships connected to its port, nowadays though everything focuses on tourism. Having said that this little village has somehow escaped becoming a tourist trap and managed to keep all its charm.

It is a small, very picturesque seaside place that sits on the side of a mountain. The colourful houses sit above each other in a horseshoe shape on the cliffs around the lovely port. You can even get fresh seafood.

The rows of quirky houses and the terracotta rooftops are a sight to behold from below but also from above. The sea in front of it and the mountain at its back are just the icing on the cake.

There are many routes to follow if you want a great view over Cudillero, such as the la Garita, la Altaya, or the El Pico. I chose a viewpoint that was similar to the Mirador el Fito: a horrible concrete structure but the scenery is breathtaking.

Let’s be fair, there’s not much else to do here other than have a coffee at one of the lovely terraces or to admire the view but these are just enough reasons to visit this gorgeous seaside town. 

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