Monday, 14 October 2013

Expat interview III – Living in Spain for half a year

We have just crossed the six month mark in our stay in Spain and I think I can say this on Paul’s behalf as well that it has been the best time of our lives. We do what we love doing: traveling, seeing things, meeting people, eating amazing food. We simply love this country, whichever region we are in!

The end of this half a year also marks the end of our stay in Asturias. We are going to spend a week in Madrid then we’re off to Granada and Andalusia to look around the Southern part of Spain, too. 

Interestingly we didn’t meet any expats in Oviedo (shows just how unknown this regions is to the world) however I think after half a year we can say that we are expats here. So this time instead of an expat in Asturias I’m going to interview Paul and hear his opinion about Spain.

Describe Spain in three words.
Food, sun, fiestas.

How has your life changed since you moved here?
I can´t remember the last weekend when I just sat around and did nothing. Every weekend we experience something new and visit a place I´ve never been before. I feel that in Spain I´m living a fuller life than I did in London.

What are the things you like best about living in this country?
The weather, the variety of things to do and the amazing scenery, being close to the outdoors and being able to do things without having to worry that the weather will be bad.

Is there anything that really annoys you here?
It can be quite loud when you´re trying to sleep, the Spanish tend to make a lot of noise, even in the library!

What was the thing that surprised you most?
How friendly and helpful Spanish people are.

In your opinion what is the biggest misconception people have about Spain?
That it is just barren and flat. This isn´t true, the whole of the North is very green and mountainous.

What is it that you miss most from London or from the UK in general?
My mum! No, just joking. My friends.

What are the highlights of the last six months?
Getting out and seeing stuff every weekend. We´ve seen so many things, everything is a highlight, really. Most of the things we do are awesome.

What are you looking forward the most in the next half a year?
Seeing what happens, where we end up.

Finally, some short questions.
Best place you´ve visited?
Ordesa was amazing.

Best beach?
Maybe SanSebastian, it was too busy, though.

Best food?
A giant platter of perfectly grilled seafood in Galícia (parrilla).

Best drink?
GinTonic! Spanish are crazy about gin and tonics, far more so than Brits. They serve them in giant fishbowl glasses with a lot of ice. They´re great on a hot day!  

Best hike?
Now that´s a very tough one! The Faja Racón was a really good one as it had incredible views and the weather was perfect and on the route we took there weren´t many people.

Special thanks for Paul for giving me this insightful interview.


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