Saturday, 26 October 2013

Castilla - La Mancha - Toledo II.

During the rein of King Alfonzo IV the city allowed the coexistence of all three religions: Arab, Jewish and Christian. There are examples of all of them through the city.

The Cathedral of Toledo. We only had a few hours in the city so we didn’t go inside.

Cristo de la Luz Mosque
The Mosque of the Christ of the Light is a very old and curious building. It was built in 980 by a Moorish architect then later in the 12th century it was remodelled to become a Christian church. 

It’s fascinating to see both religions represented inside the building.

The view from its walls also worth the entry fee.

The Puerta del Sol is a gate of Muslim origin. It got its name from its central decoration.

Did you know that the book that sold the most copies ever in Spain is a book by Cervantes? His main character, Don Quijote de la Mancha, comes from this region, as his name states (together with the famous Manchego cheese). We found his statue on the street.

It was too soon that we said good bye to Toledo. I would definitely recommend visiting it for a whole day, a few hours are just not enough to see half of what it has to offer. 

I’m ending my blog with a few street photos.

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