Thursday, 24 October 2013

Madrid – Park Retiro

This lovely park was made to be a garden for kings and queens to stroll in. It was built in the 17th century for Felipe IV and was designed to hold visitor’s attention with lots of lovely and interesting details. 

During our visit the leaves of the chestnut trees had already begun turning red and brown therefore the park had lovely colours.

This is the only park where you can find palm, eucalyptus and chestnut trees right next to each other.

The park is full of wonders, such as the statue of the Ángel Caído, the Fallen Angel, Lucifer. This is one of the very few statues in the world that was erected for the Devil. Interestingly it´s exactly 666m above sea level…

There’s a lake in the middle with a massive monument at the end. You can hire a boat here, too.

The Palacio de Cristal was built after the Crystal Palace in London and used to be a greenhouse for exotic plants but nowadays it houses temporary exhibitions. When we were there it was empty. It’s a lovely sight with the little pond in front of it full of ducks and terrapins.

The Casita del Pescador used to be a fishing hut for the king. This cute little building houses one of the many Tourist Information points.

I stumbled upon the Rose Garden by accident and was very happy to see that even at the beginning of October many flowers were still blooming.

I even found a little library. The text says 'Bring the books you don't want from your home here for others to enjoy.'

The park is a place for many kinds of sport activities. You can observe a yoga lesson under the almond trees, Tai chi is practiced by elderly Chinese and runners and roller skaters will whizz around you constantly in the late afternoon hours. Young and old alike use the sport equipment placed in different sites in the park, some will be all kitted out with sport wear and some will be wearing shirts, trousers and hats. You never know what you’ll find.

In every corner there´s something interesting waiting for you, a bandstand, a statue or a pond. Have a stroll around and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this gorgeous green area. Here’s the map of the garden.

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