Sunday, 27 October 2013

Madrid from above

As Madrid is quite flat it's worth seeking out high places to see the city from above. There are many towers and roof terraces that are perfect for this so you are spoilt for choice. 

One evening we went to walk around the city during the night. This is when I first saw the Palacio Cibeles. We only saw it from the outside but I vowed to myself that the next day I will somehow get in to see the building from the inside, too. 

The next morning I went inside with the excuse of some free exhibition. 

After I took some photos of the gorgeous ceiling I noticed that the Palace actually has a mirador, a viewpoint! I quickly bought my 2 euro ticket and shot up to the 7th floor of the building. I had a half an hour slot to look around. This is what I saw.

I wanted to show the city from above to Paul as well, but the last entry to the Palacio was at 7 and it was too early for us to get there. I had another look on the internet and I found another place very close to the Palacio, the Museo de Belle Arte, or the Museum of Fine Arts. Here there's a rooftop bar where you can lie on one of the many comfy beds or seats with your cocktail and enjoy the sweeping view over the city. 

We stayed there long enough to admire the beautiful sunset.

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